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Console application support
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Cobalt Framework supports the implementation of console application. It has following functions:


This software is destributed under GNU Lesser General Public License v2.

Target System

The software is written by ANSI-C. So the porting this framework for the other UNIX system is NOT difficult.

Required Software

SCM Repository

See Git repository.

Command Line Parser


app-name [command] [options] [arguments]

The command is optional. You can define one or more commands for the application. Each command can have different options and parameters.

long name option

There are two kind of options. One is long name option, the other is short name option. The prefix of long name option is '--' (ex. '--help'). This is an example of long name option with a parameter.

 --file file_name 
short name option

The prefix of short name option is '-' (ex. '-h'). You can define multiple options after the prefix. This is an example of short name option.

 -ch # option 'c' and 'h' 

But you can not describe multiple options if it has one or more arguments. For example, when the 'f' option has a paramter, the 'c' is recognized as a parameter, not 'c' option.

 -fc # equals to "-f c"



Intermediate Representation

Command Line Syntax

Error Message

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