Cobalt Framework  beta
Console application support
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
CBArgv.h [code]Define CBArgv class
CBCommandForm.h [code]Define CBCommandForm data structure
CBCommandLine.h [code]Define CBCommandLine class
CBCommandLineForm.h [code]Define CBCommandLineForm data structure
CBCommandLineParser.h [code]Define parser function for CBCommandLine
CBError.h [code]Define CBError data structure
CBForwarders.h [code]Forward declaration of classes in Cobalt Framework
CBFramework.h [code]Function to setup Cobalt Framework
CBOption.h [code]Define CBOption class
CBOptionForm.h [code]Define CBOptionForm data structure
Cobalt.h [code]Header files to import header files of Cobalt Framework
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